Why more campus girls are dating older men

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If you are a frequent visitor to online dating sites, then you will definitely realise that there is a lot going on in campuses than meets the eye. Apparently, there are hundreds of family men who would rather date campus girls than stay home with their own aging wives. Some could be sugar daddies while others are, let us say, open-minded relationships.

The opinions of most college students differ, though the fact that this happens is not contradicted. “I think it is all about the coin here,” says Onami Jason, a student at Chuka University. “No, I don’t think so. I don’t look at the coin. I will go for a guy who has a higher age than mine.

Niko uni and after this I want to settle, soo ntaendea msee above my age,” says Conslyne Tiony. “But kama ni wale madem huendea mabuda, then it is all about the money. There is a difference,” she adds. According to Maxwell Nyandega, old men do it all “better”. “There are less heartbreaks, are more truthful, pocket heavy, experience in bed, alafu security. Huyo dem maboy tunamwogopa hakuna kumkatia katia and more others.”

Despite the fact that the older men could be stealing their girls and beating them at their own game, some of the campus boys admit that the older men could be doing everything way better than them. “Older men do know how to handle women,” says Anthony Muriithi. “They know what to say, how to say it and when to say it. Remember, ladies fall in love with word. Above that, they have money to spoil them with.”

Some girls on the other hand simply admit they prefer the old-school way of doing things rather than how the young people on campus. Courting protocols have really changed a lot over time. At least the generation of men that did it the right way has a better idea how girls should be treated when dating. “Maybe we can start by asking guys how they date their fellow campus chics. Dates were long replaced by alcohol sprees and nights of passion. What happened to taking nature walks and movie dates?

Maybe that’s what drive girls away. After all, it’s the same sex with the old guy and no bonding,” says Angie Cheruh, a female student at Chuka University. There is yet another group that thinks it could be a girl’s way of dealing with daddy issues from the past. Probably lack of a father figure while growing up or parental neglect pushing them to seek consolation from fatherly men who will treat them like the princesses they had always wanted to be. But at what a cost!