Teacher in affair with a student attempts suicide

Man Swallowing Poison
Man Swallowing Poison

Drama ensued at a school in Vihiga County when a teacher swallowed poison after being accused of having carnal knowledge of a student.

Unfortunately the rat poison did not work and he ended up in a Kitale hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Earlier, the teacher had escaped through the school’s fence from angry boda boda riders who were baying for his blood after they learned of his of iniquity.

It is alleged that the teacher spent the night at a hotel in Chavakali with the student who is preparing for her final exams to commence this month, leaving her at the facility.

Met in lodging

Friends who visited him in hospital said that the teacher admitted that the allegations were not the work of the devil and he had indeed spent the night with the student.

According to the student, who talked to Crazy Monday in the company of her parents, she had gone home for a medical check-up after which her father sent her back to school the same evening.

The 19-year-old, did not, however, go to school as she had planned to meet the deputy school principal at a Chavakali hotel that evening.

“When I left school, the deputy principal gave me a phone and told me that he would call me after the check-up. We met at Chavakali later that evening. When we met, the deputy principal took me to the lodging where we spent the rest of the night,” the student said.

She said that she changed from her school uniform into civilian clothes before meeting her teacher.

The meeting in the evening turned out to be a night full of romance between teacher and student.

The girl’s father said that he learned of his daughter’s whereabouts from a friend of the family who called at night and asked if the girl was in school or not.

Father saddened

“When he called me and asked whether my daughter was in school, I was shocked. He told me he had seen my daughter in Chavakali. I couldn’t sleep for the whole night as I was worried,” he said.

The father went to the school early the next morning to see whether it was true that his daughter had not reported.

“While I was still at school, she came on a motorbike. It was sad learning of what had happened, after I have struggled to pay fees and keep my daughter in school all these four years. I hope justice will be done, even if not on this earth then somewhere else,” he said.

Sources from the Teachers Service Commission in the county said that the teacher will be interdicted if the accusations leveled against him are true.