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Man and his father-in-law meet in a lodging
Last Updated On: September 14, 2018 At: 13:31 (GMT+3) By: Mambo Mseto
A Migori hotel hosted the most unlikely of guests when a man and his father-in-law met at the reception, each with an illicit lover in tow.

The man in his early 30s hails from Kisumu and had decided to take his 'side dish', who also works in the same town, for a weekend treat.

The two lovebirds, happy to be alone after a long time then decided to sample several joints within the border town as they partied and made merry for the better part of the evening.

Hand in hand

After several hours of partying, the couple decided to spend the night at one of the big hotels within the town.

The two drove their car to the hotel where, hand in hand, they strolled to the receptionist and asked to be allocated a room for the night.

However, what did they not know was that the man's father-in-law, who hails from the neighbouring town, was also a frequent visitor of the hotel, considered to be among the most discrete in the town for those seeking privacy and a good time.

And so as fate would have it, as the young man was paying for the room, his father-in-law walked in.

The younger man, who had by now finished paying for his room, turned with his companion who seemed to have had one too many, and made for the door, only to come face to face with his father-in-law and his catch.


It was the young man who recognised his father-in-law first and quickly dropping his lover's hand like a hot coal, and mumbled some form of apology. But the mzee, perhaps due to too much beer, took some time before recognising his son-in-law.

He, however, sobered up quickly and told the young man to take it easy, saying, "Things like these happen to men.

You don't have to apologise! But what happens to men outside their homes at night remains outside," the sage was overheard telling his son-in-law.

In effect, he was saying all they could do was to stay quiet about it and ensure that 'nobody' - meaning their respective wives - should never get to hear of it.


The short conversation did not, however, seem to impress the young man's companion who demanded to know who the old man was and why he was concerned with their affairs.

The young man tried to ignore the question and tried to pull the woman away.


But she stood her ground, attracting the attention of other hotel staff and clients who rushed to the reception room to try and see what was happening.

Too embarrassed to talk, the younger man literally carried her out with the older man following suit, each couple disappearing into their respective rooms.

The next morning, none of the couples had breakfast.

They left before the sunrise. None wanted to meet the other, especially now that they all sober.
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