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Get a cougar or die trying
Last Updated On: September 15, 2018 At: 15:53 (GMT+3) By: Mambo Mseto
A Kenyan man dating a Caucasian woman who is twice his age? That is no longer news in Mombasa where locals take it as a fact of life.

All the prospective youth needs to do is grow dreadlocks and be visible. But it is even easier for you if you are a celebrity − dreadlocks or no dreadlocks.

So if you are a struggling celeb looking for a lifestyle that befits your status, then the pickings are aplenty and there are examples galore. Of course some will claim that love led them to the “golden oldies” but some, and certainly the more candid ones, will tell you they are in it for the money − the more the better. But is there even a line between love and money these days?

A good number of the Mombasa-based artistes are hooking up with old and rich foreign women and their lifestyles are getting a much needed boost. But they are not the pioneers this side of Africa.

Ugandan singer Joseph Mayanja (Chameleone) who is considered among the wealthiest acts in the Pearl of Africa owes much of his wealth and success to an elderly Belgian, Griet Onsea, popularly known as Dorotia.

Dorotia, who is Chameleone’s ex-wife and mother of his first born Ayla Mayanja, met the singer in Nairobi during Chameleone’s early days in the industry. Their friendship soon blossomed leading to marriage.

Thanks to Griet Onsea, who is a decade older than Chameleone − the musician was able to rise to new career heights and his financial status improved drastically. But rumours of Dorotia being into drugs were confirmed when she was arrested with 20kg of Cocaine at Norwich International Airport in the United States in 2006 and later jailed for 14 years.

Now, Mombasa singer CLD may have sung about looking for a “Kabinti” (young lady) and he did find one, but she is not as young as many of his fans imagined. She is much older than him but to CLD, age “ain’t nothing but a number”.

CLD and his German wife walked down the aisle last year in a private “strictly card only” ceremony. “It was my private life, a life-changing decision. I did not want public intrusion,” he says.

But what about the motive? “A marriage is a marriage and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve tied the knot to a granny or a tot. I married out of love and not money,” he asserts.

The artiste met his wife at his place of work at Turtle Bay Beach Resort in Watamu and their Facebook walls are full of their declarations of love to each other.

But Mama Sizo, a singer also based in Mombasa and who has been in several affairs with underground artistes, says it’s all about money.

“There’s nothing called love but money all the time. Money rules the world and without it there’s no love,” she says, and her experience is testimony enough.

The German singer has lost property and colossal amounts of money to an unnamed artiste who masqueraded as a genuine man after her own heart only to dupe her.

Mama Sizo adds: “There’s no love at all. If you have the cash and ready to spend it, they will swarm around you.”

Veteran producer NJE agrees. “They take it as business and pursue it with missionary zeal. I know many who have taken sugar mummies as their cash cows but my own case is different. It’s about love, after all my wife is not that old,” he says. NJE is married to an American called Juddatta.

Leading Mombasa singer Ally B says there’s nothing like love. “It’s all false, especially if one of the spouses is old enough to be your granny. The mzungu may be genuine, but certainly not the artiste,” he adds.

Three years ago Ally B dated a young Hungarian lady called Dorothy Patai but the affair ended prematurely after another dreadlocked artiste showed up and snatched her from him.

Leading producer Amz of SQ records says that most celebrities are after quick riches and are doing crazy stuff. “These guys want good lifestyles and can’t afford it so a divorced or widowed granny who has the cash is precious,” he says, adding; “It’s becoming a showbiz thing to date an old white woman. Most artistes dream of getting one who’ll spend money on them and improve his life and image. Female artistes are in it too.”

Another DJ who is currently in the UK had to dump his Italian wife for a British one. Close friends say it was all because of money. “The Italian one was not supporting him financially. She was very stingy and when he got his current flame, he quickly engaged and married her and left for the UK,’ adds Kavalier.

Kavalier, a Coast artiste says that money matters. “Love comes second and it’s a give and take thing,” he says.

Event organiser Godfrey Samora says celebrities hooking up old Mzungus and playing toy boys is a Mombasa thing. “It’s a survival strategy and everyone here wants a mzungu. There’s a stupid belief that anyone with a mzungu is successful. Those who do it are hungry for fame. It’s a parasitic relationship,” he notes.

But there are a host of local celebrities who date rich married women.

A fast rising star who did not want to be named so that he be candid, said that it’s an easier way to survive in a ‘dog-eat-dog’ industry.

“They follow us themselves, shower us with money and promise big things. And with drought in the industry, we have no option but to take the offer,” he says.

The artiste, who has been dating a millionaire’s wife in Malindi revealed that all these women want is sex and fame. “They want popular guys whom they treat well, dress up and even support their musical careers. It’s always an all paid expense,” he said.

Another renowned musician in South Coast echoes the point. “Most of the women are missing swag. They want popular and good looking guys who can fill the void their old husbands have left in their lives. In return, you get pocket money and lavish lifestyles,” he says, and reveals that one such woman helped him start a business.

Yet another is sharing the same roof with a woman believed to be married. The lady supports him financially and he in turn plays the Mr Lover man’s part.

He sums it all so well: “It’s all business. Get paid and go.”

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